Fast, Safe & Precise Tool Offset Pre-Setting

Z-Axis Offset Pre-Setting Gauge by Infinite Uptime

Extremely Accurate

Repeatable Accuracy of +/- 1 Micron for Z-Axis Tool Setting

Hands-Free and Safe

No direct contact required during Setting, making it completely Safe for Operators

Super Fast Tool Presetting

Accurate Zero Offset Setting in as fast as 30 seconds, saving over 75% of Setting Time

Incredibly Easy to Use

Magnetically fits onto the Machine Die and Allows Offset Setting with a simple visual Indication

Water and Corrosion Resistant

IP66 Rated - Water-proof, Coolant-proof and Corrosion-proof Design

Unbeatable Price

A great Return on Investment by delivering increased Process Efficiency for Lean Manufacturing

The ZS Z-Axis Tool Setting Gauge

Fast, Accurate and Safe Tool Pre-Setting for Truly Smart Factories

Optimised for Precision Offset Setting on Milling Machines