Smart Lighting Automation

A Sensor + App based Wireless Retrofit System that manages your Lighting

Sensor Based Lighting

App Controlled Lighting

Programmed and Convenient Lighting Control

This System ensures that your Lighting behaves the way you want it to, and gives you instant control from your Smartphone. Actual Quotes based on Site Visits only. Contact us now!

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Sensor-driven Automation

The System uses realtime Presence Sensor readings to decide the optimal Lighting configuration at any given time.

App-controlled Lighting

Users can instantly control the Lighting by using the Mobile App.

Automatic Energy Saving

The System makes sure that Energy is saved by automatically switching off unnecessary Lighting in the absence of people.

Power Backup

All the nodes in the System are backed up with a Battery UPS, to ensure uptime even during power cuts.

Quick Retrofit Setup

The System is designed to fit into existing spaces with minimum rewiring.

Instant Wireless Communication

All the System Nodes communicate with each other over a managed wireless network designed for instant responses.


App Based Lighting Control

Instant WiFi Communication

A Wireless System optimized for real-time responses to App control

Simple Retrofit Installation

Hardware that easily fits into existing switchboards and enables wireless control

Compatible with all Lights

Supports various types of Lights, including LED, CFL, Incandescent and others


Sensor-Driven Automation

Responsive Lighting

Lighting instantly responds to the presence and position of people in each automated Section

Built for Energy Saving

The System automatically switches off lights in sections where no presence is detected, saving Energy every single day

Strategic Lighting Behaviour

The Sensor System is designed as per a strategic Lighting plan based on the nature of your application

Join the Industry Pioneers using our Products

  • “We have been using the Automation System at one of our Showrooms for over a year now, and I am very pleased with Device Interactions' work, enthusiasm and ideas. ”

    Aniruddha Sathe - Partner, Sathe & Co.

  • “We are delighted with the way this System automates the management of our Showroom's resources. I can rest assured that my Lighting is never overused, and my Energy is automatically being saved.”

    Rakesh Jain - Partner, Shree Chamunda Stones

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