The IAN WiFi Scheduler

Schedule and Automate any Electrical Equipment in under 1 minute

Smarten Electrical Devices Instantly

The IAN WiFi Electrical Scheduler - unbelievably easy and quick

Accurate Scheduling with an Intuitive Interface

Use the IAN Scheduler as an Electrical Switch and make any Electrical Device time-aware. Get started in 5 easy steps:

1 - Plug in Mains Power

The IAN Scheduler works on 110V - 240V AC Power. Use the 2-pin Plug or wire it to a Supply Line.

2 - Wire the Target Device

The Scheduler is nothing but a switch. Connect the Target Device accordingly via the channel connectors.

3 - Access the Scheduler UI

Once powered up, the Scheduler starts a Hotspot. Find it on your Smartphone WiFi list and connect.

4 - Update WiFi settings on the UI

Once connected, open the UI and provide your WiFi settings to it. It will later connect to this Network to operate.

5 - Configure Schedules on the UI

The UI provides a week-planner to define the Target Device's behaviour. Set your schedules here and save.

Your equipment is now Smart!

The Scheduler notes your settings, connects to the internet via WiFi, syncs to World Clocks and controls the Device.


Automate Electrical Management

The Scheduler is an automatic Electric Switch that knows what time it is. Let it manage your Electrical Devices.

IoT enabled via Internet-connected WiFi

The Scheduler uses a nearby WiFi network to connect to the internet. It works perfectly with Dongles, Hotspots and Routers.

Accurate, Reliable and User-friendly

It syncs with World Clocks, making it is as accurate as it gets. It auto-reconnects after power cuts and ensures maximum uptime.

Robust and Versatile

It is a universal switch, allowing it to control almost any Electrical Device within rating limits. Adding and updating schedules is extremely convenient via the Scheduler UI.


Flexible and Versatile Usage

The IAN WiFi Scheduler offers value in multiple application areas, and makes Time-based Automation very accessible


Showrooms, Stores and Restaurants use automated Electrical Management for strategic Signage, Branding and Lighting


The IAN Scheduler eases various Industrial tasks like Lighting, Sirens and Shift-Change Indication

Domestic Use

The IAN Scheduler automates recurring Household actions like running Pumps, Heaters, Geysers, Lighting, Security and more

Smart Cities

Public resources like Streetlights, Landscape Lights, Irrigation, Backlit Signboards and others are automatically optimised by the IAN Scheduler