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Order Your Smart Lighting Automation Now!

Contact us at +91 84590 04539 | |  Available in Pune, MH

Schedule a Site Visit

Call or Email us with your details and schedule a visit from our team. They will help you plan your System.

Finalise the Installation

We quote for the installation based on the Site Visit. We then finalise the installation with you and start the ground work.

Install and Launch

Our team visits, installs and launches the System at your location. Your space is now automated!

Pre-Order Your IAN WiFi Scheduler Installation Now!

Contact us at +91 84590 04539 | | Launching Soon

Or buy it from our Online Store and follow the User Guide to Install it yourself.

 Ships all over India |  Installation with Shipping in Pune, MH

Place an Installation Order

We accept orders for the Product + Installation via Telephone, Email or Walk-in Requests at our Office.

Installation Visit

On receiving an order, our Installation Engineer will visit with the Device, Install it for you and train you on how to use it.

Or Do It Yourself

Buy the product from our Online Store and follow the Installation Instructions and Videos to easily Install it yourself.

Involve us in your Projects Now!

Contact us at +91 84590 04539 |

Prototyping and Product Development

If you have an Idea for a Product or Service involving IoT and Connected Tech, we help you prototype and productize it.

Workshops and Learning

We conduct workshops on Electronics, Prototyping, IoT Product Development and related Software Modules.

Anything Else

We love helping the Maker Community to do amazing things. If you would like to work with us in any other way, do get in touch.