We call it Product Innovation


We Are Tinkerers, Innovators & Developers

We are Engineers that came together through the process of creating Products. Our thirst for learning and creative implementation of technology keeps us constantly in touch with the latest trends. Device Interactions is all about Ideas. It's a quest to create tangible Products from those Ideas, and apply them to solve problems.



Founder, Creative Director

Ranjit comes from a background of Electrical Engineering and has a passion for practical learning and experimental implementation of technology. He works on personal and research projects and is constantly looking for innovative ways of getting things done.

He has previously worked on Interaction Design and Industrial IoT products, and specializes in Embedded Development, Web Development, IoT Development, Rapid Prototyping, Ideating and Conceptualizing Products.


Why Niche Products?

Having worked on IoT products and solutions in the Consumer and Industrial markets, we found that a lot of technology gets implemented in only a few application areas, leaving a lot of problems unsolved in various other fields. In view of this, we decided to create Products that leverage technology to solve niche problems in a feasible and sustainable way.

Our Maker Initiative is along the same lines, supporting Tinkerers and Independent Developers, and encouraging them to create products that can add value in focused areas that haven't been penetrated by mainstream technology solutions.

Our vision is to enable technology to ubiquitously enrich peoples' lives, and push us all forward.